Tenjaku Gin

Tenjaku Gin combines a base composed of more than 10 Western botanicals with a distinctively Japanese essence: fresh, seasonal peaches from the local Yamanashi region, Japanese pepper, with a unique zesty flavor not found in European spices, yuzu, with its spreading aroma evocative of Japan, and tea, with its appealing astringent and herbal aroma… Together, these flavors create a botanical gin with a unique, authentic taste.

The Japanese botanicals bring out a new flavor impression every time you drink Tenjaku Gin, making it a perfect cocktail base. For example, enjoy it in a gentle harmony with vermouth, or bring out the gorgeous peach flavor with a squeeze of lime. Whether you want to quietly unwind, enjoy a drink over a chat with friends, or end the day in style, you’ll find that this is the perfect choice. Savor a moment of contentment with Tenjaku Gin.