Van Gogh Vodka Melon

Van Gogh Melon Vodka is a smooth blend of honeydew and Spanish cantaloupe. With slight hints of honey and cucumber, this premium vodka adds a smooth, refreshing touch to your spring or summer cocktail.

Vincent Van Gogh took to the canvas with incredible passion and a bold, unafraid spirit. As the inspiration for our own creations, we strive to bring this same passion and creativity to The Art of Vodka. Through the skill and artistry of our third generation Master Distiller, Tim Vos, each of our 16 expressions is part of a carefully handcrafted masterpiece.

Tim Vos’ childhood dream was to create a world-famous and celebrated spirit. Since 2001, Vos has done just that, elevating Van Gogh Vodka to a brand known globally for its smooth and authentic taste, wide palette of flavors and numerous awards.