Tonic 1724

1724 takes its name from the altitude where it harvests that key component to all tonics – quinine. The quinine they use is hand-picked at 1,724 metres above sea level on the Peruvian Inca Trail. Although there are still relatively few tonics available (in comparison to the hundreds of gins) it’s quite rare for the location and the designated requirements to be so exact.

The result is a very fresh, bright tonic water which is a less bitter in comparison to other tonics. It’s not sweet by any means, simply light on the quinine. 1724 Tonic is also very effervescent, which gives a beautiful zesty nose and a crisp finish. It’s easy to see how it was intended to compliment a gin, as it doesn’t overpower with bold flavours but neither is it a blank canvas.

Much like a gentleman in a tailored tuxedo, it stands there perfectly designed to accompany the most elegant of dates. It is classic enough to not take the limelight should it be paired with something a little more striking and which desired to be the center of attention. Made by the same producer, it will come as no surprise to anyone that 1724 Tonic goes particularly well with Gin Mare. While the tonic was designed with wider market appeal and certainly achieves this on many levels – the two are hard to separate.

Perhaps it’s because the Mediterranean botanicals suit the bittersweet taste of the tonic or perhaps it’s because the bubbles are finer and more akin to those of Champagne, which suit the herbal nature of the gin. Regardless of why, it is certainly a perfect match.

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