Tenjaku whisky

天雀 – the Japanese characters for the skylark (hibari), the much-loved herald of spring in the East and West, and for this masterfully blended whisky. Like the clear, exquisite song of a small bird, it features an agreeably pure, mellow flavor. Carefully selected unprocessed whiskies and pure, natural spring water are expertly blended to create this distinctive whisky.

Drawing together the individual characteristics of each unprocessed whisky for a harmonious, exquisitely balanced finish – this is the delicate blending technique that is unique to Japan. With countless tasting and smelling sessions, the important processes involved in creating a blend see sophisticated techniques employed by a craftsman who applies his past experience in creating whiskies and extensive knowledge of flavors and aromas cultivated through many years of winemaking.

Best enjoyed on the rocks. Experience the smooth and pleasant attack and Tenjaku’s unique mellowness, followed by a generous sweet aftertaste. Try a highball to open up the sweet smoky aroma that bursts from the soda bubbles. Of course, it can also be served mizuwari style – savor the affinity this whisky has with water. Or, perhaps explore other drinking styles, such as using Tenjaku as a cocktail base.